Tuesday, 16 March 2010


ponteng class pon boring lagi, haha!
this sem banyak la ponteng class!! ini bukan kerna saya malas. iya adalah kerna lecture tu membosankan. maka saya malas nak gi, hahah! ok ok saye malas! harini saye jadi org malas 2 :)
pagi ini sgt ceria, bergelak ketawa bersama org malas 1.
saye ade org malas 1 dan juga org gila 1 dan juga bola-bola 1....heheheh.
kamu kamu....
mlm td kamu buat saye sedih, tapi lepas tu kamu buat saya gelak pagi ini.
kamu ini seorang yang pelik la. saya tak suke awk buat saye sedih, tapi saye suke bile awk buat saye gelak :)
kamu kamu...
jom pergi jauh..... ;)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

imagine this!

(u need to imagine this, just imagine k, hehe)
ok, the scene is at a park, sumwhere, park yg lawa laa....
there was this 1 girl with a blue balloon, her favourite colour is red, but there was only this blue balloon left at the shop. so she bought it anyway bcz she really wanted to have a balloon.
she was planning to keep the balloon with her until the balloon stops floating n even if the balloon refuses to float, she was planning to add more helium to it so dat it can float for the rest of her life. she skipped along the path happily with a smile on her face and with the blue balloon tied to her wrist.
as she skipped along the path, she saw other children with their balloons, yellow, green, purple and even brown in colour. she didnt mind them at all, she just kept on skipping along the path happily with her blue balloon.
halfway along the path, sumthing caught her eyes and made her stop. it was a red balloon, tied to a bench with no one around. she knew dat the balloon was not owned by any1. she looked at her blue balloon, which was barely floating. naughtily she wanted to swap her blue balloon with the red balloon. slowly she tried to untie the knot on her wrist but the knot was still too tight to untie. so she went on skipping along the path leaving the red balloon behind with disappointment in her heart.
when it was almost dark, she reached the end of the path, by then she was carrying her blue lifeless balloon. she was sad. as she was leaving the park through a huge golden gate, she saw another red balloon tied to a pole, her face lighted up as soon as she saw the red balloon. deep down inside she felt that the red balloon was smiling back at her. she knew then that if she leave the red balloon now, she might not find another one anymore. so with all her might she untied the knot on her wrist and tied the red balloon on her wrist securely not wanting it to float away.
even so, she kept on holding the blue balloon bcz she was afraid that the blue balloon might be thrown away.
on her way home, she was happy that she found the red balloon but at the same time she felt sorry for the blue balloon.
suddenly, just like magic, an everlasting helium vendor appears in front of her. the everlasting helium keeps balloons float for as long as eternity. so, she quickly add the everlasting helium to both balloons so that they can float for eternity! now she is happy again knowing that she can have her red balloon for eternity and the blue balloon can make sum1else happy too.
as she reached home, she tied the blue balloon to a post in front of her house, hoping dat sum1 will light up when she sees the blue balloon just like how she lighted up when she saw the red balloon.
-the end-

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

knowing u....

is it true that u have to know sum1 to love sum1.....
or is it your first instinct about that sum1 that makes u fall in love....
thru experience, i think the first instinct effects you the most,
u can accept sum1 and think that u will fall in love with that person once u know him/her.
but isnt that risky? ull have the risk of hurting or being hurt since u r already 'with' that person,
let me elaborate on my points....
what i meant by knowing sum1 is not knowing 'knowing', its knowing about his personality, his attitude and his believes. ape aku nak ckp pon dah tak ingat! haha! ok ok, let me think!!!
so.....ok, basically....its true that u have to KNOW that person first and never EVER accept him/her before knowing him/her thoroughly. think before you jump.....
but....on 2nd thought, love works in mysterious ways.....the first instinct that u have when u meet that person, the butterflies in your stomach, the makan tak lalu, tido tak lena feeling, is that a sign from god or is that just lust? its like u have a strong feeling that the person is the one, n knowing that he feels the same towards u...ohhh best gile!
2nd but....u cant love sum1 just because of his looks or money rite...according to the hadith, u have to choose according to 4 things:-
  1. agama
  2. rupa
  3. keturunan
  4. harta
agama is the first thing u have to look at, so if u choose base on these 4 things, inshallah allah will be on ur side.....im praying hard that allah will 'jodohkan' me with sum1 dat suits me according to that 4 things. ameeeeen¬