Monday, 4 January 2010

pakcik ice cream.

di malam yg sejuk ini, teringat kat pakcik ice cream cine yg jual ice cream...
since i was a baby till i was about 7 or 8, i used to live in ampang,
jalan ampang 2 i was on a hill, tapi bukan la kat cliff ke ape, rumah tu kalau nak pegi mcm naik bukit sikit. so there was this pakcik ice cream, he had to cycle all the way up to sell his ice cream. those of you who were born in the 80's should know about this, ingat taaak? basikal die pastu ade tong ice cream tu!
my sister n i slalu stop the pakcik utk beli ice cream, pastu nnt i would climb on the tong ice cream, maklumlah pendek, kenela panjat. when the pakcik opens the cover of the tong mesti the mesmerizing smell or shall i say aroma of ice cream travels through my nose, leaving me breathless. cey cey!! OH!! heaven!! from then on i became the queen of ice cream. usually people would prefer chocolates than ice creams, but not me!! i would prefer ice cream anyday anytime ;)
maka skarang saya bercita2 utk membuka sebuah ice cream company di malaysia. doakanlah saya berjaya. sekian wasalam :)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

the reason why my first son will be named umar al-khatab!

salam sejahtera :)
saye baru je blk dr tazkirah, topic harini pasal solat2 sume tu,
tapi td ustaz ade cerita sikit pasal umar al-khatab RA, my idol :)
cerita die berbunyi sebegini.....*asap*
umar al-khatab was killed by abu lukluk, he was stabbed with a knife covered/disalut with poison,
usually, it will only take a few hours for the guy who was stabbed to die, but in umar's case, it took him 3 days for the poison to actually kill him. dat was how strong allah made him. mashallah.
a few hours after he was buried, sum1 i cant remember who, dreamed of the scene when umar was questioned by munkar n nakir. (this is the BEST PART!!) when the malaikat asked him "ma rabbuka?" umar answered (melayu baru best) "jgn kau tanye aku sape tuhan aku! pegi tanye tuhan aku sape aku!!" (best kaaan!!) at that time the malaikats didnt know that it was umar, so they went to meet allah and ask HIM. so allah said that its umar. so the malaikats just went without further questions :)
so, i wish n hope dgn banyak2 doa dat my son will be like him. sum1 who will lead the muslims to victory behind imam mahadi, n my cucu will help nabi isa kill dajal! amiiin....
(the story may not be accurate but that was how the ustaz told me, i hope u will learn sumthing from it too :) )